Who We Are

WeHire Solutions Inc. is a Canadian Talent Management firm with international presence through our partners in Europe and Asia. WeHire specializes in providing unique talent acquisition solutions for employers, inspiring career consulting for job seekers. 


Why Us

  • Talent Access
    • WeHire has successfully partnered with a range of industries from Fortune 500 to small & Medium-sized enterprises. Our leadership and recruitment team has immediately access to senior professionals and top talents throughout North America which has led to the recognized high placement ratio and sustainable business growing.
  • Intelligent Team
    • Our search teams are fully armed with technical skills and organized into industry and functional practices to maximize sector specialization and knowledge sharing across the company.
  • Elite Recruiters
    • WeHire consultants are highly specialized senior recruiters who understand the talent market in their industry specialty areas.

WeHire Core Competencies

  • Industry Focused Expertise & Knowledge
  • Best-In-Class Approach
  • Exclusive Talent Resources
  • Top Recruitment Consultants with 10+ Years Industry Experience on Average
  • Unique North America & Global Recruitment Experience
  • Technical Ability, Track Record and Soft Skill Analysis



WeHire Accomplishments

  • Partnership

WeHire has successfully partnered with experts from multiple industries. 

  • Agility

WeHire has immediate access to professionals and top talent globally

  • High Placement Ratio

WeHire has been recognized high placement ratio of 90% and sustainable business growth

  • Organic Connection (Organic Talent Input) 

WeHire has strong connections with North America Ivy League Universities and professional associations & institutions to ensure sustainable talent input


WeHire Compliance Management


  • WeHire is committed to responsible, ethical and legally compliant business practices.
  • Unlawful payments are a zero-tolerance issue


Strong commitment by management that WeHire will forgo any business opportunity that violates criminal law


If any non-compliance concerns occur, WeHire will investigate and take appropriate actions to address and solve any issues 

Code of Conduct 

Clear rules are contained in the Company’s Code of Conduct as well as the Anti-Corruption and Business Ethics Policy.

WeHire Client Management

Client Guarantee

  • Offer our clients exceptional services that will accelerate and simplify their job search process
  • Committed to continuously improving performance
  • Aim to take our services to the next level by being innovative & client focused

Commitment to our client

  • Strive to take services to the next level by being innovative & client focused 
  • Make our clients successful
  • Maintain effective relationship and gain their commitment 
  • Serious about continuously improving our processes 
  • improve our client touch points by leveraging our sector expertise

Simplifying Our Clients’ Lives

  • Seek to find ways to simplify our interactions with client
  • Work across all WeHire network in order to facilitate client access to our services, 
  • Client benefit from working with specialists - not just in recruiting, but also in their particular marketplace. 
  • Provide our client with real competitive human resource advantage