Web Development Manager





Company Description: 

Our Client is a Media Group located in Markham a fast-growing company.  The full-service covers many areas of media platforms such as website, APP, WeChat, Weibo, etc.  A successful candidate will work in a team consisting of a lot of smart IT gurus plus competitive salary, bonus, and opportunities for advancement as well as comprehensive group benefit plans and perks.

Job Responsibilities: 

  • As a Web Development Manager, Manage overall software development life-cycle
  • Create, prioritize, communicate, manage, and execute road-maps, project plans, and commitments
  • Report on status of development, quality, operations, and system performance to management
  • Partner with team leaders to support an innovative engineering culture focused on code quality, technical collaboration, efficiency, ownership, and accountability
  • Set up performance goals for team members; evaluate performance; provide coaching and facilitate professional development, to encourage work productivity
  • Schedule and balance team activities to meet deadlines for deliverables;
  • Set clear, measurable quality goals for an organization in a data-driven way
  • Train software group members on software development, procedures, working instructions and ensure development procedures and working instructions are followed;
  • Continue to build effective development teams by participating in recruitment and hiring of engineers
  • Facilitate learning through workshops, conferences, meetings, and team off-sites
  • Develop leaders and highly functional teams
  • Drive a culture of high quality and innovation, by collaborating closely with Product and Project Managers, Creative Designers, and Customer Support teams

Job Requirements: 

  • Bachelor degree in computer-related or related majors;
  • Proficient in PHP language, more than 5 years of development experience;
  • Familiar with JavaScript, ES6, React, Redux and other related technologies;
  • React Native's actual project development experience;
  • Skilled use of various development tools and git code management;
  • Experience with Laravel framework development is preferred;
  • Have iOS or Android native application development experience preferred
  • Experience with Linux system management is preferred;
  • 3+ years experience in leading the team, good at motivating the team
  • Experience build up scalable and maintainable web and/or mobile applications in a fast-paced environment
  • Know the software development life cycle, tools, processes and best practices
  • Familiar with agile development methods
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills (verbal and written)
  • Strong interpersonal skills and high degree of collaboration
  • Outstanding attention to detail, able to handle multiple projects at the same time
  • Actively solve data problems and provide feasible solutions
  • Exceptional technical and analytical capabilities
  • Fluent in English & Mandarin  

How to contact us?

WeHire Solutions Inc. 27th floor, 161 Bay St, Toronto, ON

Phone: (416) 572 2441

Email: info @wehireinc.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wehire- solutions/

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