Senior Java Developer





Company Description: 

WeHire Solutions Inc. is a Canadian Talent Management firm with international presence through our partners in Europe and Asia. WeHire specializes in providing unique talent acquisition solutions for employers, inspiring career consulting for job seekers. 

WeHire focused recruiting field: IT, Fin-Tech, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Telecommunication, Retail, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things etc.

Our client is a leading online payment system that partners with online payment solution giant providing fast and secure cross-border payment solutions for online, mobile & in-store.

Job Description: 

The Senior Java Developer will be responsible for the JAVA development of the new product as well as the maintenance of and enhancements to the existing product. The Senior Java Developer will effectively communicate with the team to uncover immediate/future needs, will convey those results to our clients in a meaningful way, and will deliver solutions in a proactive, fast-paced, client-service driven development environment.

Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Participate in the construction and maintenance of the Java project framework, develop high concurrency and distributed systems and maintain the existing systems, and be responsible for the product development based on the weekly plan
  • Participate in the discussion and compilation of the project implementation plan, complete the preparation of the project requirements, outline, detailed design and other documents;
  • Responsible for the project subsystem or module design and coding;
  • Responsible for core business system architecture design and performance optimization, to ensure system security, quality and performance;
  • Responsible for the use of company system- by providing high database concurrency and high stability system to hundreds of thousands of merchants

Qualifications and Skills:

  • At least Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science or other relevant field;
  • 5+years of disciplined application design and development experience in the ecommerce, software, finance and 3rd party payment industry with increasing responsibility and success.
  • Demonstrated strong development skills in Java, Spring, SpringMVC, Ibatis / Mybatis and other open source framework provides the features and implementation principles;
  • Proficiency in Java OOP modular development (data structure, JVM, Multi-threading, NIO, ClassLoader, etc.), with good J2EE, SOA, MQ, DB, NoSQL and other extensive knowledge system;
  • Experience with designing & developing web-based applications for moderate to high traffic sites – experience at an internet company highly desirable
  • Familiar with SOA design thinking; Have some experience and understanding about SAAS, PAAS
  • Proficiency in MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and other relational databases, and SQL optimization experience; Familiar with NoSQL DB design and application;
  • Familiar with distributed, multi-threading and high-performance design and coding and performance optimization
  • Familiar with distributed solutions and their principles: distributed cache, message middleware, load balancing, connection pool, etc. can bear the analysis of complex issues and the ability to solve complex problems
  • Familiar with maven, git, etc. basic environment
  • Fluent in both Mandarin and English


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