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Company Description: 

We are a premier Quantum Intelligence (QI) research and solution service provider. Born as the game-changer in the present AI world, we are dedicated to reconstructing AI with quantum computing technologies in research and application. Our goal is to break through bottlenecks of AI and to provide sustainable QI solutions and industry standards. Employer’s open platform enables users to enjoy the revolutionary experience of QI, and its intellectual properties are designed for applying quantum computing to revolutionize fundamental algorithms and models in AI and realizing QI in real-world industry practices.

Given the cutting-edge competitive advantages, we are recognized by industry leaders and investors with two million USD seed round funding soon after launch. We are a team of passionate and innovative experts and scientists of cross-disciplinary backgrounds in mathematics, quantum computing, machine learning, software engineering, data science, neuroscience, and other industries or domains. Located in Toronto, Canada, our new 2000 square feet private office place welcomes the smartest and most dedicated people from diverse backgrounds but share the same passion and common goal. At Employer, we introduce you to the world of the next leap in intelligence.

Job Duties:

We are looking for a Data Scientist to join our cross-disciplinary team to define the future of quantum intelligence. The candidate will work closely with our machine learning and quantum computing scientists to pursue cutting-edge research and development aligned with Employer’s long-term QI goal. 
At Employer, we apply quantum computing and machine learning technologies to embed quantum properties into AI methodologies, which includes developing QI algorithms, models and software based on classical and quantum processors and architectures, designing QI solutions to high-value optimization and machine learning problems, and offering QIaaS platform services, etc.

The candidate will work closely with leading businesses in industries, provide analytical and strategic support, thus to boost client growth and achieve our objectives.

You are expected to demonstrate high proficiency in data processing, analysis, and interpretation, and to support a wide array of strategic analyses and initiatives with other members of our team. Successful applicants will go through a training session in quantum intelligence and receive bonus commensurate with their experience and progresses.


  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably Master’s or Ph.D. degree in computer science, mathematics, statistics or other related quantitative fields; 
  • 1-3+ years of experience with machine learning model development and working with large datasets 
  • 3+ years of programming experience in Python, Java, or Scala with a good grasp of software engineering standard methodologies such as reusability, modularity, use of reports, etc. 
  • 3+ years’ experience in data extract/transform/load (ETL), and cleansing; advanced knowledge of data architecture and storage techniques 
  • Proficient in building statistical and algorithmic models with complex and large datasets, including but not limited to: supervised statistical learning, clustering, natural language processing, time-series analysis, experimental design (A/B testing), data visualization and deep learning; 
  • Experience in one or more of the following machine learning frameworks: Tensorflow, Torch, Caffe, etc. 
  • Experience working with a range of Databases/Distributed data stores such as SQL, Hadoop, Spark 
  • Quick learner, inquisitive by nature, ability to learn independently 
  • Experience with recommender system is a plus 
  • Experience with data engineer, DBA, and software development is a plus

How to contact us?

WeHire Solutions Inc. 27th floor, 161 Bay St, Toronto, ON

Phone: (416) 572 2441

Email: info

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